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Introducing Getiyo
the cutting-edge, web based platform for interactive content delivery. Unleash the power of livestreams theatrical experiences narrowcasting art installations gatherings and automate it with our next-level show control possibilities.

With Getiyo, any device can become a part of an interactive installation. Let your audience engage using their mobile phones, use a tablet as a playback device, or your phone as a camera. The possibilities are endless. Effortlessly create scenes with interactive modules in our intuitive editor and publish them to one or multiple display endpoints. Sit back as Getiyo handles the distribution and generates fluid animations between scene metamorphoses.
Embrace the future of digital interactivity with Getiyo!
Get started
Interested in exploring Getiyo for your interactive installation needs? We offer a range of options, from an independent setup to collaborative projects with our team experienced in interactivity and audience engagement. Getiyo's flexibility ensures your project aligns seamlessly with your goals.

Feel free to contact us for a discussion about the possibilities, to request a demo, or simply to try it out and experiment for a while!
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